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Juliaca this located in the north parat of the departament of Fist in Perú, this to an altitude of 3825 m.s.n.m., it's climate is dry and Ifry prevailed the wind in winter, the temperature is variable between 6° C. and 15° C., in september increases it's pluvial precipaitations,it has daily service of line air, has services of lodgin of hotels three starts. 
This it is a new possibility of visiting in only one day the islands of the lake Titicaca, begins in the city of Juliaca, (3,824 msnm), when averaging the 6,30 am of  there he/she moves to the district of Pusi, located to 25 Km. by lorry asphalted 50% and affirmed the rest, Pusi was founded in the year of 1,854, by the one government of Ramón Castilla, his climate is tempered, in winter it is presented rains (December - January - February - March), it can visit one another the mines of marble  in the hill "Kompy", the petroleum of Pirin, the muzzle and beaches of Escallani, has communication whit Fist an Bolivia via lake Titicaca for boat , for thi means he/she moves to ward the island of Amantani (3 trip hours), you he/she find to the east of the peninsula of Capachica and the north of the island of Taquile, is in a circular way whit a diameter of   3.4 Km.

Their maximun height he/she is in the summit of the hill Llacastiti (4,130 msnm), their second elevation it is the hill Coanos whose height is 15m. smaller, it's main attractive is the form of life and ancestral customs, landscapes and archaeological areas atributed  to the cultures Tiahuanaco and Inca, in a same way the setting of the sun, their inhabitants offer their housings and foods to the visitors that want to spend the night, it is the island of the most important ceremonial centers, they carry out handmade, textile works, furrier and ceramic, (time of permanency 1,5 hours), of there he/she moves to the island of Taquile where one can spend the night, he/she has lengthened form and their maximun elevation is of  264 m. on the level of the one lake, the longitude is of 5.4 km. and their maximun width is of 1.3 km. it finishes in tip toward the south, has platforms, it's attractive resides in it's landscape and in their cultural aspects their residents speak the Quechua one besides the one Castilian, they conserve old traditions reflected in their gear, manifestations of manners, religious and Folkloricas, high light fot it's textileria shres it's housings, and foods (permanency of 2 to 2.5 hours), of there he/she moves toward the Floating Island of the Auroches - those that are built with the help of Totora their residents belong to one of those firts groups that inhabited the highland, have has principal activity the he/she fishes, they build their housings it has more than enough Totora, they conform families and they are grasped to their customs, their ancestros has seen the Kollas arrive and Lupacas, also to the Quechua Inca and until today they are conserved as those residents of the highest lake in the world.

The time of duration of the journey is of 10 hours, arrival to the city 5,30 to 6,00 pm and to Juliaca 7.00 a 7.30 pm.